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What is The Role of CFO in Digital Transformation?

PT Davehunt International (TRANSEARCH) was invited by ICMA (Institute of Certified Management Accountants) to share with CFO, Head of Finance, Financial Controller, and Audit Head at IPMI Business School on Saturday, 7 March 2020. We shared our experiences as one of the world largest executive search, having served major clients on CFO roles in 4.0 era.

David Wongso, CEO of DHI and Managing Director of TRANSEARCH International Indonesia, discussed with keen audiences about career path to become CFO, about required skills that are needed by CFO in 4.0 Era, and role of CFOs in digital transformation.

Best CFO has significant roles in: 1. Engage business, work cross-functional to improve business process. 2. Building world class business support. 3. Value creation and maximize shareholder value. 4. Business expansion to global market. 5. Use of analytics in strategic decision. 6. Use technology as an enabler to automate transaction processing.

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