Digital Addiction, "How to Become Tech-Wise Leader."

According to research done by Dr. Kristiana Siste published on Kompas, 20 November 2019, digital addiction at teenager in Jakarta is at 31.4%, relatively higher than average 4.5% to 19.1% in other countries. Social media and online game are indeed add up to children screen time. However, digital addiction not only happen to teenager. Based on research by Entertainment Software Association, shows that the average age of video gamers is 35 years old. What about you? Are you addicted to your phone? Neuroscience has learned that human brain cannot multitask. When you are addicted to your smartphone, you will loose your focus. Social media and games are designed to dominate your attention. It bec


Beware of the COMPETENCY TRAP and COMFORT ZONE. The core-competence, business model, product, channel, process, skills, and anything else that brings success in the past, may become irrelevant faster in disruption era. David Wongso, as a headhunter at TRANSEARCH International Indonesia tell us something about this matter. "I occasionally met senior management in their 50s who enjoy their positions and benefits in comfort zone.", David said. "As they are approaching their retirements, some may think this disruption will not affect their personal careers. However that is not the case." Business owners, shareholders, and boards should take ownership and be guardian for survival, innovation, com

How To WIN 'War for Talents' in Disruption Era

Mr. David Wongso, CEO of Davehunt International and Managing Director of TRANSEARCH International Indonesia, being one of the largest executive search in the world with office presence in Indonesia, was invited as one of judges in the competition of “Creating Leaders from Within” co-organised by SWA Magazine and NBO. During the award day at Shangrilla Hotel, Jakarta, 29th October 2019, he shared some thoughts and market updates to participants, mostly top management from various industries. 1. Huge talent shortage and skill mismatch until 2030 While Indonesia’s GDP will be the 4th largest in the world by 2030, it will have huge 9 million talents shortage by that time. The demographic bonus o

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