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We are your strategic partner in transformation, leading change, business growth and expansion. We assist you in building your organization and people capabilities.

Choosing the right leader is one the most critical decisions. Matching competencies, experiences, and traits that are unique to each leader with position requirements are what we do.

The success of your investment, your vision depends on your leadership team. Entrust the search mandate to professionals who:

  • Understand the dynamics of your industry.

  • Know your corporate culture.

  • Understand the challenges that are unique to your organisation.

  • Attract, connect and present the candidates to match with your organisation timely.

David Wongso_CEO Davehunt International_Manager Director (MD) of Transearch International Indonesia
David Wongso S.Psi MM MBA

The founder of Davehunt International, David Wongso, has been hiring senior management executives and top talents since 1995. Many of those hired earlier in 1990s and 2000s have been at senior management level in top 10 largest banks in Indonesia. Along the way, we have hired  middle to senior management level at telco, FMCG, media, IT, and local top 100 corporate groups. 

David has over two decades of executive search, training, organization change and transformation experiences. He was a board member at an IDX-listed company, he led organization transformation projects at big local group, board of management member of a foreign bank.  

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