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What We Do

The war for talents is always there, from dotcom era until digital economy, even at the middle of covid-19 pandemic. Attracting top talent can be time-consuming; hire the wrong leader can be costly and impact morale within the organization. 


We are your partner to accelerate your search because we are continuously in touch, monitor talents, and talk to the key players in the market. 


Our consultants are experience senior executives who have been in the leadership positions, managing business, leading people and organization, going through growth, booming and crises era, in various industries and different corporate culture. 

Executive Search

We serve MNCs, big local corporates, unicorns, digital start-up, state-owned enterprises clients with the focus from managerial to C level. Davehunt International has presence in Jakarta and Melbourne.

Talent Mapping remains our expertise because we follow the pulse and actions of candidates in the market and their industries. We generate research reports that identifies the most suitable candidates; provide intelligence research.

We attract, assess, connect and place top leadership talents to match your organisation needs timely.

Executive Assessment Services

We help talents discover their true potential and developmental needs​, connected to business through assessment services with:

  • Valid and reliable assessment tools,

  • Professional assessors with degrees from reputable universities,

  • Informative report,

  • Provide feedback for coaching and counseling 

Assessment is a good investment when organization uses it to improve performance, inform and engage their talents in co-development, and apply it to make business impact.

Practice Areas

  • UnicornStart up

  • Financial services

  • Tech, Media, Communications & Entertainment

  • FMCG

  • Conglomeration

  • Professional services

  • Plantation

  • Manufacturing

  • Mining

  • SOE

  • Telco

  • Healthcare, Pharma

  • Family business

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