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Outsourcing - Davehunt International - Talent

Outsourcing is a practice used by different companies by transferring portions of work to third party rather than completing it in-house. The reasons and benefits to outsource:

  • Cost saving

  • Does not have economy of scale to do it in-house

  • Reduce capex

  • Does not have in-house expertise

  • Better quality

  • Focus on core business process

  • Flexibility and faster

  • Reduce complexity and compliance issues of dealing with manpower

Our founder has set up and managed big scale (up to 8000+) outsource operations in banking and media (pay TV) company for various functions eg direct sales, security, teller, call center, collection, technician, verification. 


We have capability and experiences to provide outsource services and collaborate with our partners:

  • Mass recruitment for managerial level and trainees

  • Payroll

  • Training

  • Background check

  • Telephone verification

  • Cleaning services

  • Office boy

  • Reception

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