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How To WIN 'War for Talents' in Disruption Era

Mr. David Wongso, CEO of Davehunt International and Managing Director of TRANSEARCH International Indonesia, being one of the largest executive search in the world with office presence in Indonesia, was invited as one of judges in the competition of “Creating Leaders from Within” co-organised by SWA Magazine and NBO.

During the award day at Shangrilla Hotel, Jakarta, 29th October 2019, he shared some thoughts and market updates to participants, mostly top management from various industries.

1. Huge talent shortage and skill mismatch until 2030

While Indonesia’s GDP will be the 4th largest in the world by 2030, it will have huge 9 million talents shortage by that time. The demographic bonus of Indonesia workforce unfortunately will have mismatch of skills due to automation and AI.

Top 10 countries by nominal GDP using PPP exchange rates by the year 2030


  • Corporations and start-up have to combine long-term leadership development with short-term talent acquisition solution, which includes partnership with executive search consultants with access to global talent pools, who understand industry 4.0, experienced with industry and digital culture.

  • To fix the mismatch of skills, we have to revise the curriculum and upskills teachers and lecturers, especially those who are not in touch with the reality of industry 4.0.

  • While developing talents with future skills takes longer times, investment and business opportunities cannot wait. We are facing a global talent war and intense competition for digital talents. For example, Australia offers permanent resident status to digital talents in 7 calendar days in its effort to boost its digital economy.

2. Many of Indonesian talents prefer to work or relocated only within big cities of Java Island.

3. To attract global talents and diaspora, improve quality of life in Indonesia

  • Government could improve quality of life in Indonesia, which includes improvement of air quality (pollution), traffic jam, healthcare, education, safety, tolerance, political stability.

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