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The War For Talent

"The expertise, skill, experience that promoted you to where you are now may become irrelevant faster." said David Wongso, CEO of Davehunt International and Managing Director of Transearch International Indonesia.

According to The World Economic Forum and LinkedIn study on the future of jobs, the skills required to perform most jobs will be shifted significantly due to automation and AI.

How fast do you learn new skills?

You need to take charge of your professional development, be proactive and have life-long learning mindset.

Based on LinkedIn "Future of Skills Report 2019", by 2020, Asia Pacific as the center of growth will face a talent shortage of 12.3 million workers, rising to 47 million in 2030.

The report shows that there is a 42% change on job core skills required between 2018 - 2022.

When you face such a huge talent shortage, IT IS A WAR. Investors cannot wait very long.

You need an expert and a global executive search who is experienced and understand the future of work. Your talent acquisition capability, employer branding, organisation culture, talent retention, and speed of up-skill, are keys to win.

If you need a partner at board level on these subjects, talk to us.

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