Research: How One Bad Employee Can Corrupt a Whole Team

source: Harvard Business Review "One bad apple," the saying goes, "can ruin the bunch." So, too, with employees. Our research on the contagiousness of employee fraud tells us that even your most honest employees become more likely to commit misconduct if they work alongside a dishonest individual. And while it would be nice to think that the honest employees would prompt the dishonest employees to better choices, that’s rarely the case. Among co-workers, it appears easier to learn bad behavior than good. For managers, it is important to realize that the costs of a problematic employee go beyond the direct effects of that employee’s actions — bad behaviors of one employee spill over into the

Disruptive Automation

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) 2020 positioned Indonesia at rank 65 out of 132 countries. The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only changing the nature of work but also forcing a re-evaluation of workplace practices, corporate structures and innovation ecosystems. A demographic bonus but with mismatch of skills and disruptive automation, may create social problems. At TRANSEARCH Indonesia, we believe, leadership and talent development programs need a hybrid solution. How to win your talent acquisition in 2020?

Kiat Menangkan Talent di Era Disrupsi dari Davehunt International

source: SWA MEDIA Foto: David Wongso, Managing Director Transearch International Indonesia (dok. Davehunt International) Dalam era disrupsi yang ditandai dengan banyak perubahan pada model bisnis, hal ini berpengaruh pada skill tenaga kerja yang semakin irelevan dengan lebih cepat. Bahkan menurut McKinsey, pada tahun 2030 diperkirakan Indonesia akan mengalami kelangkaan 9 juta tenaga ahli. Kondisi yang mana akan ada banyak suplai tenaga kerja berkat bonus demografi, tetapi skills mismatch. Menurut David Wongso, CEO Davehunt International dan Managing Director Transearch International Indonesia, kondisi mismatch of skills dalam pekerjaan-pekerjaan baru ini harus masuk dalam agenda leadership

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