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HR Chatbot: Innovation in Employee Service Delivery in New Normal

WHO has declared that COVID-19 is confirmed as airborne and remain 8 hours in air. Working indoor without distancing can be risky. Many systems in HR were not designed to work in pandemic like COVID-19.

Working remote from home, mobile, virtual with physical distancing are required for safety both for customers and employees. HR team in big companies with employees located in various locations are facing problems for employee service delivery:

  • High volume of transactions eg: leave, medical, claims, facility, reference letter, etc

  • Slow response

  • Access to data while working from home

  • Many headcounts involved

Davehunt International has identified these pain points and developed a solution with their technology partners. Combined human care with Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled chatbot to automate repetitive and high-volume transactions services.

This HR chatbot will improve employee experiences with faster response, 24/7 availability while HR team can focus their role for strategic agenda and business partnership. Company may have lower cost since it requires lesser number of headcounts by automation of repetitive and transactional tasks.

CEO of Davehunt International believes that HR Digital Transformation is not about technology only. Technology adoption as enabler requires leader’s capability to lead the transformation, re-align organization, cultural change, mindset change and upskills.

Currently, some companies have been doing testing and trial for the prototype and Davehunt is not only helping them to buy the chatbot, but provide advisory services to manage the projects, review AS IS and TO BE design in HR process, policies, skills, organization re-alignment. The chatbots have options of using whatsapp or telegram, with capability to have interface with various legacy system.

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