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Family Friendly Company Policies: WHAT CAN INDONESIAN COMPANIES DO?

Deloitte Australia has taken out the number one spot in the 20 Best Australian Workplaces for New Dads 2019 List published by HBF’s Direct Advice For Dads. The idea behind the HBF’s list publication is to encourage more businesses to offer parental leave policies that also considers new dads, not just mums.

Working with research consultancy CoreData, they analysed the policies of Australia's largest 500 companies by revenue, according to IBISWORLD, and worked with parenting and workplace experts to determine what benefits were most important for new dads.

To qualify for consideration in the Direct Advice For Dads List, companies had to offer:

  • a minimum of two weeks paid secondary carer’s leave

  • 12 weeks paid primary carer’s leave

  • flexible work practices to accommodate dads participating more fully in childcare responsibilities

Importantly, primary carer's leave had to be made available for a minimum of 12 months after the birth, allowing dads to use it should their partners return to work.

Deloitte's parental leave policy offers all new parents employed at the firm:

  • 18 weeks paid leave, including superannuation.

  • Continuing superannuation payments during unpaid parental leave up to 34 weeks.

  • Extended time to take parental leave, with the option to spread their parental leave over 36 months and take it flexibly: either as one continuous period, two distinct periods, or part-time on a weekly basis, e.g. work 3 days, take 2 days paid parental leave.

  • Co-parenting – both parents may access paid and unpaid parental leave at the same time, or at different times.

Deloitte CEO, Richard Deutsch, said the firm was committed to gender equality and providing equal access to parental leave to men and women played an important part in achieving this.

"I'm extremely proud of our parental leave policy and the impact it's making, not jus in supporting all Deloitte parents, but also as a conversation starter to challenge the long-held gender stereotypes that still exist in Australian society and the workplace, and to drive greater equality for everyone." he said

Quote from David Wongso, S.Psi., MM., MB., Founder of SUPERB Family, CEO DAVEHUNT International, MD TRANSEARCH Indonesia, "What can Indonesian companies do to establish family-friendly policies to attract and retain best talents?"

"A family-friendly policies contribute to stronger Indonesian family. A stronger family produces better seeds of human capital for the nation. Broken and dysfunctioned family creates many social problems."

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