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Tribute to Professor Sawitri Supardi from her assistant.

I am delighted to read on Kompas daily dated 28th June 2017 that the prestigious Kompas Dedicated Scholar Award this year went to Prof. Sawitri Supardi Sadarjoen, 74, the professor of clinical psychology from University of Padjajaran.

I was grateful chosen to be her assistant for 6 months tenure, working at her psychology clinic at Jl. Setiabudi Bandung, while completing my study and graduated as a psychologist in 1994. Proud of that memorable experiences and feeling grateful are the reasons I wrote this. I want to thank her for her guidance and coaching during that intensive period learning the sophistication of clinical psychology subjects, from assessment, psychosomatic, schizophrenia. sexual deviation and dysfunction. I still remembered she occasionally threw difficult questions during her lectures; being able to answer it correctly made you feel good for all the reading I made.

I wish her all the best, may God bless her with good health and joy that she will continue to contribute to our campus UNPAD, society and community. Congrats Ibu Sawitri.

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